Gen Cotena is a musician and composer.
He is been playing with some of the best jazz musician in Italy.
Caminante is his debut album, released in October 2018.

Gen starts his career in 2012, playing extensively shows with the band Sonatin for a Jazz Funeral With this band, he records the first album produced by the labels Tippin the Velvet/Monochrome.
He lives for a while in Berlin during the 2014 then come back in Italy, Milan, where he graduates in Jazz Guitar at the Conservatory of Music of the city. In 2016 he records the free music album Stream of Consciousness with Fabrizio Fedele (Cellar Studio).
Then he records two albums for the label SMV with the HighLights Quartet.In May 2019 is released the album “Nobody knows the real story” of the band AZAZA ÑAÑA (NoVoicesRecords).
His last album “The Sound Behind The Glass” (Cellar Studio/Blackbox) has been published in 2022.

He keeps exploring new approaches to music, writings and improvisation that go through various musical styles from jazz to classical music.